December 5, 2011

S Family

Very good friends!  I loved doing this!  Thank you for asking me!

K Family

I love all of my sessions.  All for their uniqueness of the people involved and the families and love.  This is one of my favorites in a while.  And pretty much every session is a favorite...actually, every session is a favorite.  The boys were perfect and the love was real!  That is what I love about this session the most!  Baby brother had a spider bite that nearly prevented it all from going down, and so they got all the way from OKC to Tulsa a little late, but we had just enough light to capture all of this wonderfulness!

November 29, 2011

B Family

These folks came all the way from Oklahoma City to have me take their portraits!  They are some of our very best friends from Oklahoma City and it was wonderful!