February 25, 2011

S Twins

 These boys get even more adorable every time I see them and I LOVE photo shoots with them!
 This is the first shoot that really posed a challenge.  Two mobile 18 month old boys!  Wow, is all I can say!
 These two were non-stop on the go!  Getting a shot of the two of them together was nearly impossible.
 C did ok with this standing up on an outdoor fireplace, but his brother didn't want anything to do with it!

 One smiles.
 The other smiles...
 Both almost looking...
 This was my favorite of the two of them.
 I also liked the nonchalance of this for some reason.
 The more mobile and more ornery one (says his Mom)  :).
 Love his expression here!

February 7, 2011

Baby M Collage

I forgot to add this collage I made of my session with Baby M...

February 6, 2011

Baby M Newborn Portraits

 Baby M, you steal my heart.  This little man is just the sweetest and cutest newborn ever!  R Family, you guys are wonderful!  I really had a great time getting to know Baby M and the R Family.  I am glad we did this before the big snow, too!
 This face is exquisite!
 Daddy is a police officer.  This was a great idea!

 This makes me chuckle and say "awe!"
 I can't believe I caught a smile!

 So sweet!
 Daddies and their babies warm the heart!

 Such a wonderful family!  Big sister was getting a cold, but I am so glad we captured one of all of them.
 Who says awake newborn pictures are not absolutely adorable?
 So sweet!

 I love how this came out!

I love this shot, too!  Great stuff!  This was the clients' idea...I think I may have to do it again!