May 31, 2011

Big Boy K

 This little man was SO fun to work with!  At first he needed some time to warm up.

 He and his Daddy skateboard together.  So fun!

 He's loving it!

 Honestly, I think this is my favorite:).

 Mom wanted foot pictures!  I love these!!  I learned a lot about some technical aspects of photography with these shots!

 It was 90 out.  Super hot!  Seriously, I love his haircut!  It is what I am always trying to do when I cut my son's hair.  But, sadly it never turns out that least I cut it well enough to not have to buzz it!
 A little cheesy.
 Pure handsomeness!
 He got a little bit of a fat lip from his skateboard...poor baby! :(
 But, he's 3.  It doesn't really slow him down for long!

 I HEART these with Daddy!
 Lollipops!  He chose orange and it matched his shirt!  Love it!

 The desaturation on this special effect is so neat with his eyes and lips!  I love it!

May 26, 2011

K Family

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors that they wore in these portraits.  It really makes them POP!  It is hard to even publish any in black and white:).
 Pretty eyes!  I haven't worked with a whole lot of children his age, so it was a new and fun experience!

 Love the missing tooth!

 Too fun!

 Little Brother has beautiful eyes!

 One of my favorites!
 I heart candids.
 I'll say it again...I heart candids:).
 I also heart these types of pictures!

Sweet boy!

May 25, 2011

W Boys

 I love this! You'd think I posed his leg up and hands like that, but it was just natural. I think he was trying to guess how old I was. He started at 10 and then somehow I was 100.

 Comforting little brother who was in a bit of a grumpy mood.

 But you wouldn't know it, would you!?

 I love this!
 This was fun! Little brother was getting into it, here!
 Ok, can you have a more perfect sibling shot with these ages? I love it!
 I also like this one! Natural!:)
 Playing Peek-A-Boo

 Momma and her boys! (for Daddy for Father's Day)

I say keep the kisses going until these boys won't have any of it anymore!  They don't stay little forever!