May 19, 2011

B Boys and Family

 This was a great session!  The boys came ready to be sweet and smile and there was almost no bribery of any sort.  It doesn't happen like that all the time.  I don't bribe the kids, BTW, unless I happen to have a big swirly lollipop on hand or something.  I usually try to work with their nature and get them to have a good time...just thought I would throw that out there!:)

 Those dark eyes and light hair are soooo handsome, I love it!
 Brothers gotta hug!!!  I was so happy to get so many sibling shots out of my two family sessions last weekend.  It was great!

 Don't you just love the silliness!?
 This young lad (as old brother in my S Family post) is one of my son's best pals.  They are buddies and my son reminds me that all the time.  He even makes me sing him a son about he and this sweet boy driving a train nearly every day...
 I had the pleasure of photographing two beautiful families last Saturday morning!  Don't you agree?

 Hey there, handsome!

 I love the natural "pose" of this one!  So fun!

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