May 11, 2011

S Family

 This was a challenge and still so fun!  I love how these turned out!

 For some reason I was obsessed with this type of look for these portraits.  I think it was the colors the girls were wearing and their complexions.

 She just turned 1.  I love it!
 I love the forest feel of this shot.
 My favorite family shot!
 Genuine smiles!

 I think this was where we were pretending to trip on some rocks!:)  I think this is my fav.
 Daddy's face was a little blocked, so if any photographers out there want to take notes, this is something to avoid.  I still liked the picture, but I am just saying:).
 Nothing like a little kiss on the cheek!

 Ok, another of my favs!  I love how the girls were looking at each other and just smiling away!

 Happy Feet!
 I loved this shot of the girls hands!
 I also love this one!  Dad and Baby sister are focused on me, but Mom and big sister are having a moment that is too sweet!
 I loved this effect!
 Brown Eyed Girl!
 There is that pink effect again:).  I just adored it with this shoot!
 Love the highlight of her hair!
 Good shot of Big Sister!  I loved the flowers

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