May 21, 2011

B Girls

These girls came ready to be hams in front of the camera.  The images captured show that for certain!

 Wouldn't you just pay about anything for hair like hers?  She's such a beauty!

Many of my clients who have little girls amaze me.  This Mommy is definitely very skilled at putting together some of the cutest outfits I have ever seen!  I had to capture these shoes and the bottom of this beautiful dress!
 Being completely silly and I love it!

 Her eyes...Big sister has beautiful eyes as well.  Baby sister's eyes are just so colorful it amazes me.

 Silly girl!  I love it!

 I love the little tear...she wasn't always happy, but for the most part she was.  These are so sweet and capture their ages perfectly!

 I love her knees tucked into her dress...we got to show off the beautiful dress a little more that way!

 One of my very favorites!
 As is this!

I loved catching Daddy's wedding ring in this one as he helps his little girl down from a chair. 

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