I have loved photography ever since I was old enough to snap photos. I had an old 110 point and shoot as a child. I loved it. In high school I began to explore more about film speeds and black and white. It was not until college that I started to become more familiar with Single Lens Reflex cameras. I think my passion for portrait photography is because it is all about love. When you see something visually inspiring like a father and son, mother and daughter, warm embraces, being silly together, it just makes you feel bubbly and happy. Love is palpable in portraits! Especially nowadays that cameras have become so commonplace that people don't just stand in front of them with a serious look on their faces (I have pictures like these from the 50s).
It is all about love. So, I love love. I am a sucker for love. That, to me, is what it is all about!