October 26, 2010

M Family

 I had the pleasure of photographing this great looking family this weekend.  I love these photos!
 Fall colors were really nice contrasting their Earth tones.

 Dad and Mom better lock these two up.  I think they are contemplating it in this shot.
 Sisters!  I got one of them looking mean, too:).  It was very silly!
 On a whim I told them this may be a good shot.  It is one of my very favs from this set.

 One of my other favorites!

 These collages were so incredibly fun to make!
I haven't taken a whole lot of photos of sibling sets so I really enjoyed this collage.  How special!  I wish I had something like this of me and my brother, but of course, the technology wasn't around back then.
This was my first official family shoot and I am very happy with the results.  I did another family shoot about a year ago and I had no idea how to pose them.  I love these, though, so I guess I have come a long way in a year!!

October 23, 2010

W Family Photos!

 This is probably my favorite shoot I have done to date.  I think part of it is because I am improving and we also went to a really beautiful park so I didn't have to work for good backgrounds.
 This boy is 2 months younger than my own.  Why won't mine pose like this?  What a cutie!
 Love the jeans!
 Mr. GQ!
 She just reminds me of a tree nymph here.  Like Tinkerbell!
 Brown-Eyed Girl!

 I also walk with my little boy like this, I loved this one.  Her ring and fingers, the fact that they are in step, and his elbow patches!!!

 Nothing sweeter than sibling smooches!
 We tried several that had all three in them.  It was a good learning process for me.  This was my favorite, though.
 I love her sweet expression and his look is almost like he's wrapped around someone's finger!

 I purchased a new photoshop program and WOW, what a difference!  It really made these collages more fun to make!
Captain Handsomeness right here!

October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch: Kenna's Shots, my Edits

 Those of you who know me also know there is no possible way that I took these photographs.  I am in them.  My friend Kenna shot all of them.  She did a wonderful job!  I couldn't be happier.
 I have learned so much about image editing recently.  You need a good shot to get a good picture, do not get me wrong.  But, with tweaks you can really pop out color in a photograph and enhance emotions.
 I have also learned how important capturing portraits in .RAW format are and how useful it can be for non-destructive editing!
 The above is the alltime favorite picture I think I have of us.  I cannot wait to get the print from mpix...in metallic!

 Our son is 2.  2 year olds are not fans of sitting down and posing.  I hope that improves a bit over the next year!

October 7, 2010

Gap Casting Call Part 2

I guess I was wrong about the jeans.  There are tons of pics on the Gap Casting Call site without them.  Oh well.

Serious today.  I entered one from yesterday just to show he isn't always Captain Seriousness...

Winner.  Cute...even though they made me crop it.