October 7, 2010

Gap Casting Call Portrait Rejects

 Not rejected for being bad pictures...rejected by myself after reading Gap's entry rules.  Apparently the child has to be wearing blue jeans.  Whatever.  So, I have another outfit and we will try again this week.
 I took these at Kirk of the Hills Presb. Church.  Since I work there part time I thought it would be fun and I probably wouldn't get in trouble.  The next shoot will be at the park, though this church has a few really amazing photo spots.
 These steps are one of the neat spots!
 Walking back to get his cars and send them down the wall (see a few shots down to understand).
 Falling down the hill.  Don't worry!  He thought it was funny!
 My favorite!
 I think these pants are getting to small.  Either that or the zipper is broken because I can't keep it up.  I cropped this one:).
Knock, Knock!!!

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