October 2, 2010

The Other Half

 I purchased a new lens just after the session with these twins, so I wanted to go back and take a few more shots with the new "fast" lens.  What I was looking for was for the photo to have more depth of field.  As can be seen above it does it's job.
 The color.  I edit in raw and then move to photoshop if need be.  The colors really pop when you move around some of the settings on a raw image.

 The other thing I wanted to go back and take some photos for was a few smiles.  Their Daddy was home this time, so we managed a few grins.   Daddies just have that affect on their children!

 Grin.  He started walking the very next day.  he looked ready!

Another grin!  Yay!  Mission Accomplished!

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