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Here's The Deal

I am easy-going. That is the first thing to know about me. I am not stiff and rigid. If you want to take a picture standing on your heads, we will attempt that. I like making photography fun while maintaining professionalism.  I want to capture you, as you are, and preserve your memories for a lifetime.

Please contact me at for pricing information.

Note that all session fees are subject to an 8.35% sales tax.

I require a contract be completed prior to session.

Session Fee (including tax) due at time of session. 

Cash or Check accepted made payable to Candice Forte Photography.

Previous Clients will receive a $25.00 discount on their digital session fee one time in 2012.

Contact by e-mail:
Contact by phone: (918) 935-6002

Disclaimer: Since I have the option to sell my clients a copyright release and they are at their leisure to print my images (with purchase of digital session) at any photo lab I am not responsible for color discrepancies in print images nor am I responsible for cropping done to enlargements.  Also, some internet photo printing companies compress files when uploading.  This will cause noisy or poor quality enlargements.  Please check with your preferred company to make sure you can upload full-resolution files.  My personal recommendation is, but any lab who allows you to upload full-resolution images and has a human eye reviewing your prints are my preference.