August 31, 2011

Big Girl K

 This is one of the first families we befriended when we moved to Tulsa.  We are so blessed to call them friends.

 Little Miss Sweetie just turned 4!  She's so cute!

 Utica Square Tulsa.

 My weird vision.
 The phone booth was fun!
 I am bummed about the plant shadow because the sun came out as I was opening the shutter on this one.  I didn't see it until later...that was a bummer, but I love this shot of big girl K!

 4 year olds are so fun to work with!


 Little Miss Sassy.

 Beautiful and sweet sassy:).
 Look at K's face!  Love this shot!

 Storyboards are my new favorite thing.

August 12, 2011

Baby C

 Seriously, this kid is adorable!  He totally melts my heart.

 Eyes, smile, everything about him is handsome! :)

 May be one of my favorite pictures of all time :).

August 3, 2011

S Boys

This is the first family that had enough faith in my abilities to ask me to even attempt to do portraits of these boys...when they were 9 months. Now they are 2.  Where did the time go?  I am amazed by my photographic improvements and overwhelmed by where I need to go from here in my skill level as I look at these. 
We did these at a private home.  That always makes me nervous with fences, etc, but I really love these a lot!  With twins it does help to have a fenced in residential area with familiar people around, so props to their mother knowing how to get the most genuine smiles and fun out of them.  I hope you enjoy!