October 23, 2010

W Family Photos!

 This is probably my favorite shoot I have done to date.  I think part of it is because I am improving and we also went to a really beautiful park so I didn't have to work for good backgrounds.
 This boy is 2 months younger than my own.  Why won't mine pose like this?  What a cutie!
 Love the jeans!
 Mr. GQ!
 She just reminds me of a tree nymph here.  Like Tinkerbell!
 Brown-Eyed Girl!

 I also walk with my little boy like this, I loved this one.  Her ring and fingers, the fact that they are in step, and his elbow patches!!!

 Nothing sweeter than sibling smooches!
 We tried several that had all three in them.  It was a good learning process for me.  This was my favorite, though.
 I love her sweet expression and his look is almost like he's wrapped around someone's finger!

 I purchased a new photoshop program and WOW, what a difference!  It really made these collages more fun to make!
Captain Handsomeness right here!

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