September 23, 2010

More Portraits

My friends daughter.  We were having a little playdate and she dressed her up so I could practice taking pictures of her.  Such a sweetie!
I caught these shots last February.  A little girl just loved my son and she started dancing with him.  Too cute!
Another playdate shot.  She's such a doll!
A lot of these are of my son.  I loved this one because at the time getting him to smile was near impossible.  I loved this sweater, too.  I wish I had an enlarging machine for some of his clothes.
His eyes are amazing.
This little doll belongs to a good friend of mine.  She is too sweet and spunky, just like her Momma.
And there they both are!
One of my favorite shots ever.  It hangs in our beach themed bathroom.  He wouldn't let me take his shoes off on the beach.  He hated the sand on his feet, but if he had shoes on it was all good.
My men.  Love them so.
Another shot on the beach collection shells....with shoes on.
Another friends son.  So adorable.
My all time favorite shot of my son so far.  Hopefully it will get into Parents magazine.  They contacted me.  I have yet to see it, though.
Practicing on my friends daughter again.  This time I was probably trying to capture my son, but he is at a tough age of cooperation with the camera.
His eyes and beautiful!
This was my little guy when he turned 1.  He is over 2 now.  This was one of his birthday photos.
His 2 year photo shoot collage.
I can see the improvement in my work just looking through some of these old pics.
Captain Handsomeness.
Little trains on the real train track.
Carefree child.
Loves his trains!

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