January 8, 2011

Jenny Kane's Music Class for Kids

 My first commercial work!  I was really very pleased with these considering the lighting conditions were a little difficult.  The room I took the majority of these in was almost surrounded by windows.  That makes good light in the room, but I was always shooting with my subjects being backlit which can be a blessing and a curse.
 I will post more after I deliver these all to Jenny.  She has seen the ones I am posting here.
 My son is taking her class www.themusicclass.com.  It is a really fun and interactive class.  My son loves it!
 Alien ears are a huge fav among the older kids.

 My favorite.  I wish it had been a bit less blurry (fast motion, slow shutter due to lighting), but I still love it!
 These twins were adorable.
This girl is in my son's class.  She is absolutely beautiful!


  1. Mom in red shirt with son is blue stripe...perfect for inside a brochure. Love the scarf shot too!

  2. The woman in red is the teacher, but I love that shot!