June 30, 2011

Little Miss C!

 This isn't Little Miss C, it is her big sister.  It is so interesting taking portraits for friends.  These are some really good friends and their children.  I always thought little sister looked more like Daddy until I really looked at these pictures while editing minor things out of these.  Big sister REALLY looks like Daddy and little sis is a mix! :)  Big Sister's eyes always look so sapphire beautiful in pictures I have wondered before if they were doctored a lot, but they aren't!  They are really that crystal blue!

 Daddy just loves his little princess!

 We all fall down!
 Oh, how I love this picture!  Their little bare feet dancing merrily, the expressions on their faces, everything!

 Little Sister was not having any of the camera!
 One of my all time favorites!
 Not feeling fantastic.
 Bust out the lollipop and you could get this child to cooperate completely!

 I love her green eyes!  They make me melt!
 Big sister woke up with some weird red swollen eye so it was a pity we didn't get more sister shots.
 Hey there, gorgeous little girl!

 What a beautiful family!
 I. Heart. Pictures of kids little legs and feet.  I don't heart feet in general, though, don't even get me started on that phobia!

No, Mom is not standing in water, but it does look like it!

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