November 17, 2010

S Family Portraits

 Ok, so I just love this family and it was so fun taking their portraits!
 Big Sister was not always the most smiley.
 But she is totally sweet!

 These two girls are just so adorable!!!

 Love the feet!
 I love kissy pictures!
 This is the same spot I took the photo of my son last week.  It is perfect.
 This little girl is so smiley!  I love it!

 I loved the way this one turned out!

 This one you just feel like you are looking in on an intimate family moment.  I love it!
 I love how this came out, too!  Not perfect, but everyone is happy and the composition works!

 Lollipop time!
 That bow is just amazing on her.  Brought out her eyes in this shot!

 I love Mom's scarf!  It just makes the whole composition!  This is my favorite family shot despite little Sister's hands in the mouth!

 I love tree shots!

Being silly is awesome!  Don't forget to be silly when you have a photo session done!  Silliness brings out natural smiles!  I need to remember that next time I get all tense about trying to get a preschooler and an infant to both pay attention and smile!   This session was so much fun!


  1. Great job! I love the colors they wore and the tree shots are beautiful!

  2. Once again, great shots Candice. The trees and red in their outfits look great together!