November 24, 2010

B Family Portraits

 Seriously, is this family just beautiful or what!!???  This was a fun shoot!  The girls were very cooperative.  Not always smiley, but really for a preschooler and infant these were awesome!
 Sisters!  I have used this ribbon embellishment a lot in these fall photos.  I just love it!
 The fam!
 This one was excellent in color, too!
 Playing in leaves.  The smallest one is where they were flying, but there wasn't a huge volume of them so I used the last one in the sequence for the big pic because she looks soooo cute!
 Exactly what I was going for!  Baby Sis looking over Daddy's shoulder!
 Little Sister wasn't looking, but I loved this one!
 I have been noticing with these age gaps how concerned older siblings are for younger ones and it just touches my heart so deeply to see that they truly care.  If only we adults had such innocent childlike attitudes toward our siblings (and friends for that matter).  Except for the not sharing part!
 These girls have such pretty eyes!
 Sometimes serious faces are just so precious I can't bear it!

 The infamous bridge at Woodward.  It is just so pretty!

 I think these sibling smooch shots are just so adorable!
 Look at the hats!?  I wish I had Mom's fashion sense!  Last weeks shoot, too with the scarf and hair ribbons.  Makes me wonder at the fun times of having girls!

 Impromptu not really posed, but she was having fun!

 Look at the owl on the bottom of those tights!
I was so glad to get one of these.  It was another unplanned "pose" and I love it!

So much fun!  I really have so much fun planning these (I have a little notebook with pose ideas for different ages and stages and numbers), taking them, and editing them!

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