December 7, 2010

W Family Portraits December 2010

 Every session has it's own unique challenges. Whether it be lighting or ages and stages kids are at to even slow them down enough to get a good shot of them! I love this shoot because there were many unposed captures that just show the place this family is at right now! Two very mobile little boys! Precious boys!
I loved how he was looking back in this one!

 I really like this shot!  Older brother has a sweet expression on his face!

 My two favorite shots of the boys singularly. 

 And oh how I love this!  I love how every sibling set has kissed differently.  It is so unique.
 My favorite family shot...well one of them, at least!
 Not everyone has to be smiling to be a great picture.
 Like in this one little brother isn't even remotely smiling!
 Happier now, though! Momma's have a way of doing that!
 My son was there to distract their boys and got a few nice couple shots without the kids wandering into traffic!

 I just love this one! Older brother is doing is own thing, but the look on little brother and Mom and Dad's faces is awesome!
 Not everyone has to be smiling...this one was my favorite and it was at the end and no one was all that excited about pictures anymore! But, serious faces are not a bad thing, for certain!  Especially sometimes with kids from 3-5.  They have the big cheese smile that sometimes is a little too much cheese!  They all do it!:)
 You can't tell he was not thrilled at all to be in this outfit!
I learned a lot about my photoshop program and making collages this week.
I am in love with the cookie cutter tool!

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